Tango originated among European immigrant populations of Argentina and Uruguay. The music developed from the influence of the African rhythms, combined with the instruments and techniques brought in by European immigrants. It is danced in an embrace that can vary from very open (arms length) to very closed (chest to chest), and relies heavily on improvisation as there is no "Basic Step". Ladies traditionally wear skirts or babuchas pants and the men traditionally dress in tight fitting shirts and pants, and sometimes a fedora hat.
Flamenco is a genre of music, song and dance from the Spanish region of Andalusia, noted for its energetic, staccato style, Flamenco occurs in four settings - the juerga (jam session), in small-scale cabaret, concert venues and in the theatre. The cantaores (singers) are the heart and soul of the performance. The women wear a "bata de cola", which is a long skirt that weighs 10 pounds, trails 5 feet behind the dancer and is full of flowing, colorful ruffles. The men wear black tight-fitting pants and shirt worn beneath a short jacket or vest