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Shiatsu Infrared Foot Massager

Old Price: $149.00
Price: $49.00
You save: $100.00! (67.11%)

Design Coforming to Human Body Structure The pressure pad is designed based on the reflexology points of the human foot, each node conforming to reflexes connected to various organs and bodily systems. The body of the massager allows for maximum comfort and contact. This enables direct and effective impact for a more complete massage.

15 High-Frequency Vibration Levels An advanced 3-dimensional vibration system with speeds between 1800-4000 rpm for differing massage intensities.

6-step Ultra Long Waves Radiation Massage Therapy Ultra strong stimulating acu-points in sole radiation can enhance the efficacy of foot reflexology.

6 Far Infrared Levels Infrared emissions penetrate deep into the foot (3-4cm) and help expand blood vessels. This helps enhance metabolism and promote suppleness, relaxation, and effective stimulation.

3 Preset Auto Functions Preset programs with differing massage intensities for Slimming, Reflexology, and Relaxation.

8 Built-in Magnetic Wave Levels Controlled magnetic waves ionize blood and enhance antibodies Calorie Indicator This helps keep track of calories burned. Ideal for any slimming regimen.

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